Daniele Basta hand stitching


Daniele Basta
Italian designer born
in Empoli in 1979, has always
believed that style
is spirit…
is identity…
is something that is separate
from life itself.
Passion for style is in his blood…
he comes from a family of artisans
who have worked in leather
since before he was born.

His first engagement
as a style consultant followed
in the year 2000.
In 2010, he started working with the idea
that true fashion should be art,
each object created by hand,
personalised as if
it was a work of art.

Bags, Jewels, Shoes,
Accessories and Clothing,
each creation requires
this attention to become
a truly unique
and beautiful piece of jewellery.

is a collection
that isn’t obsessed
with what is ”fashionable”.
it isn’t concerned
with the latest craze,
or what is
on the high street;
its quest
is for a marriage
of fashion with art.

are more than
just first quality
handcrafted materials.
They are rich
in a true human
compound of passion,
style and love.
It respects
the environment,
using leather
and natural product.
Its work
is individual,
because each piece
is hand-created
and hand-finished,
rendering it unique;
a sought after look
which signifies vintage taste.

the collection is so named in order to give the work its true value.